Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ordered a JRB quilt

I have a backpack trip coming up over Thanksgiving weekend. We were going to go on one this weekend but it was canceled due to weather. So we're going to try again over Thanksgiving weekend.

We'll be going to relatively high elevation (6000') and I'm worried my 20 degree quilt will leave me cold. I'm not as adapted as I was when I was a lean and mean PCT hiker. I have an older sleeping bag that is rated for zero degrees, but it weighs around 3lbs. So, instead of using that, I ordered a summer-weight JacksRBetter wearable quilt to use as an extra blanket inside my quilt. It weighs one pound and my current quilt weighs one pound so it comes out as less weight overall. It ought to be heavenly, if it works. And since it is wearable, I can possibly also wear it in the morning while people are taking forever to get their shit together. Multiple use with less weight is always better for backpacking.

It has not arrived yet. I'm looking forward to seeing this contraption.

Meanwhile, I have to go to the dentist again today. My third big dental surgery in the last 8 weeks. I am hoping this is the last one. I'm tired of the dentist and I don't particularly like the way my teeth fit together now. Too many changes.

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