Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Story of Stuff

I found this great movie at It's about our consumer culture, which I despise so much. A great movie, easy to watch.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Next blog greasemonkey script

I've been working on a Blogger Next Blog Greasemonkey script. It's pretty rudimentary since I'm not a super programmer, but it does make the Blogger Next Blog button a lot less problematic for me. And I feel pretty proud of myself for creating it.

The way it works is it will do an XMLHTTP request on the Next Blog button URL. Then it will evaluate the responseText to determine if it meets a number of conditions that I have found bad blogs to have, such as:
  • Hidden Blogger navbar
  • Nasty words
  • Annoying used-car-salesman-like shopping-related words
  • Words related to drugs
  • Words related to cell phones
As I go along I'll add more and fine-tune the terms if it turns out too many nasty blogs get through. But to help in case some bad blogs slip through (or in case some good ones get flagged inappropriately), I also display the blogspot domain name next to the next blog button so I can visually evaluate whether or not it's worth a click. If not, then I have provided a reload button to fetch a new next blog and the process starts all over again.

To ensure the next blog is the one I evaluated, I change the link on the next blog button to the actual blogspot URL.

Other features are I display what bad-blog criteria the next blog met so I can compare domain names to how they match my bad blog terms. And I turn the next blog button red and make it say "Caution! Nasty blog coming up!" or something like that for added fun.

This seems to be quite helpful so far.