Thursday, April 28, 2011

Instead of working, this?

The job search is not going well. I've been wondering if it came to the point of not being able to get a job, what could I do instead? There are actually quite a few resources out there that could make a life without "work" feasible. By "work" I mean conventional 40-hour, cubicle type work, because some of these options are work.
  • WWOOF - I could relive my La Huerta days working on organic farms, doing it all over the world. I could work on one for a period and get to know a new community and learn about growing food. Then move on to another location.
  • Rainbow Family - I do not know a lot about the Rainbow family, but I'm certain from what I do know, that community and friendship and a place to be could be found here periodically.
  • Campground hosting - I actually applied for one of these jobs. They do not pay a lot, but they are paying, seasonal jobs. I could spend time in nature where my expenses would be low in some beautiful location in the summer. Then as long as Greeneridge continues to need analysts, I have a winter seasonal job, too.
  • Mom and Dad - not ideal, but my mom keeps asking if I will help her be a trail angel during the summer and my dad would like someone to take care of his cat on his 14 acre farm on the Salinas river.
  • Housesitting and couch surfing - I have not tried either one, but they both seem promising.
All these things require a life with minimal possessions and attachments. When you own no things, the only thing you need is a place to sleep and food. I'm not to this point yet, but I could go there if I needed to. I'm almost giving it consideration just for the adventure of living that way.

What a strange world we live in where something like computer programming is beginning to seem like a dead-end job and living an itinerant lifestyle is seeming more like a promising future.

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