Monday, May 02, 2011

We spent a few nights on the PCT

Went to the PCT Kickoff. It was fun. The Man and I walked in from Boulder Oaks campground where we left the car. It was only a 5 mile hike but it was just enough to feel worthwhile. We enjoyed ourselves a lot while we were there.

The kinds of people who hike the PCT are generally really amazing and nice people. I sit in an office all day with very unpleasant people. It became clear to me as I was talking with all these amazing people how toxic my life is sitting in that office. I need to find a way to be around people who do not make me hate humanity. The kickoff people make it seem like there are nice people in the world. Where do they hide when they're not on the trail? Or is the secret that all people are horrible and evil when they are inside offices?

After the KO, we drove up to Highway 74 and had two beers and a big burger at Paradise Cafe and then headed up the Spitler Trail to the PCT. It's hard to hike after so much beer. Then we hiked over to see where The Man fell off Apache Peak last year. There was no snow there this year! I can imagine it was a pretty scary fall and I can't see how in hell he didn't slide all the way to Palm Springs.

After we visited the site, we backtracked to the Apache Spring trail and camped. That was a bad choice. We should have chosen one of the more sheltered sites we had seen a little further south. Our tent was ripped to pieces in the gale and we couldn't sleep while being beaten by our tent. We packed up at about 4am after not sleeping all night and walked out. We were both so tired when we got home we slept for several hours this afternoon.

It was good to get out on the trail again. The flowers were in full bloom and there were so many kinds. The Spitler Trail was a really nice trail, even better maintained than the PCT. We will definitely use it as an access to the PCT should we ever return to hike the San Jacinto section of the PCT.

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