Friday, November 18, 2011

My new JRB quilt

I got a Jacks R Better wearable quilt. Here I am wearing it.
JRB Wearable Quilt JRB Wearable Quilt

It's a summer weight sleeping quilt. I plan to use it inside my 20 degree quilt as an extra layer of warmth on trips where it's going to be down in the 20s. When worn like this, it's pretty warm, if pretty stupid looking. I think I could leave my down jacket at home and just wear some fleece sleeves and throw my wind jacket or rain jacket over it. That would make up for the extra weight. I can also use this instead of the 20 degree quilt on hot summer trips.

It also feels great to just wear it at home, like a snuggy. I should bring it to work sometime. There's no heat at work and sometimes it gets pretty cold.

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