Thursday, October 06, 2011

Maybe The Man will come on board?

The Man asked me if I have lost weight. 6 weeks of running and tapering down to a low carb diet, I should have lost some. I don't have a scale. My clothes fit slightly looser lately and I don't see the love handles like I did, so it's obviously working. I told him it's miraculous how I'm not hungry during the day if I eat creamy food for breakfast. And I'm not hungry after last night's dinner so I will bring my breakfast to work and eat it later. He was a little grossed out when I told him I ate a half a can of coconut milk for breakfast a few days ago. He thinks it'll kill me. I sent him a link to a NY Times article. This one was called What if it has all been a big fat lie? He worries a lot about his cholesterol. He has arthritis all of a sudden. His back hurts all the time. He's not as thin as he once was. He takes a ton of supplements to try to ward off disease. Drinks tart cherry juice every day. He doesn't take well to proselytizing (who does) so we'll see if I can find help for him.

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