Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Diet journal for Wednesday

This is a documentary of my low carb diet. Lots of people accuse us older women of cheating on the diet when we complain that weight loss isn't as easy as they say. I'm taking pictures of everything I've eaten or drank to demonstrate, with the exception of water. Maybe I'm not doing it right, but I don't think I'm overeating or otherwise eating more carbs or more anything than I say.
Wednesday breakfast
Three scrambled eggs, barely scrambled, with the last of the liverwurst. Also almost a whole avocado. Almost because our homegrown avos always have a bad spot to cut off. Otherwise they're really good avos.
It was cold this morning and my 'boss' (he's not really my boss) wanted to go get coffee. I jumped at the chance because we don't have any heat in the office. It's a double decaf Americano with half-and-half.
After work I went to the jam. I play old-time with these nice people in the park. I play the fiddle. One of our friends died this morning. We played a tune called Rachel in her memory after it got dark. Her name was Rachel. Playing Rachel in the dark in her memory made me sad and I cried a little bit.
Wednesday dinner
For dinner I cooked up a giant buffalo patty with some bleu cheese in the middle of it and a little on top. Also some onions and orange bell peppers. It came out kinda raw so I nuked it for a minute after I took the picture. I had a glass of red wine, too.

I was surprised how not-hungry I felt today, even though I went running for about 4 miles at lunch. This diet is really working. I feel so healthy inside. It is hard to describe. I also feel very calm. It is so wonderful not to be hungry all the time, desperately hungry, always eating and thinking about what to eat next. That's gone. It's freedom. I wish I could get The Man to try this.

I have to thank the Swedish Diet Doctor, the grumpier Archevore doctor and the Santa Barbararian Dr. Eades.

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