Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Diary of my low carb diet: Monday and Tuesday

This is a documentary of my low carb diet. Lots of people accuse us older women of cheating on the diet when we complain that weight loss isn't as easy as they say. I'm taking pictures of everything I've eaten or drank to demonstrate, with the exception of water. Maybe I'm not doing it right, but I don't think I'm overeating or otherwise eating more carbs or more anything than I say.
Breakfast on Monday
Breakfast on Monday was 3 eggs, a blob of liverwurst and a blob of creme fraiche. I also had a cup of coffee with heavy cream.

Walk around the lagoon
At lunch I took a walk around the UCSB lagoon. There were lots of shorebirds.

Birds in the lagoon
Cormorants on the UCSB lagoon.

An hour or so after lunch I felt a little hungry so I had a double decaf Americano with half-and-half. I use my own reusable cup. I'm usually not hungry at lunchtime proper and by the time I do start feeling a little hungry, it's around 3 or 4 which is just too close to dinner. If I'm really really hungry I'll go get some hard-boiled eggs which are the only snack-sized thing on campus I can eat. I wasn't that hungry today so I had coffee.

Dinner on Monday
Dinner on Monday was fajita burritos. Instead of putting mine in a tortilla I ate it with a fork on my plate. There's a chicken thigh under all that lettuce and cliantro. Also some cabbage and about half and avocado and some sour cream and some shredded cheddar cheese.

Breakfast on Tuesday
Breakfast on Tuesday was 3 eggs, a blob of sour cream and a blob of liverwurst. I got tired of bacon last week and had a craving for liver. I can only eat so much liverwurst all at once. It makes me feel pretty vital though. Good stuff.

Half a coffee
I didn't exercise at lunch. Instead I went to the dentist. For 3 hours he wailed on my teeth on both sides. I sometimes felt like I couldn't breathe. It was very stressful. I came out with new crowns and a completely numb face. They had cake and brownies at work to celebrate October birthdays. I didn't have any of that, but afterward, I felt pretty hungry so I got a double decaf Americano with half-and-half. I asked them to fill it only half-way because I wasn't even sure I could drink it without drooling. I managed.

Before dinner snack
When I got home from work I was pretty hungry so I had a snack. Three pieces of pickled herring. I had trouble opening my mouth far enough for even one piece but I did it. It was hard to chew.
Tuesday dinner
Dinner illustrates how hard it is to have a special diet when your partner doesn't. The Man made tortellini. When I told him I couldn't eat the tortellini he got kind of mad. I told him I'd cook up some meat but he looked really annoyed, so I put away the meat and planned to cook it after dinner so he wouldn't get mad. Halfway through cooking, he announced I should cook my meat right away and stormed out of the room. So I cooked a 1/3lb patty of ground buffalo as fast as I could. When dinner was ready, I put the sauce on top. The sauce had vegetables and sausage. I wished for some parmesan cheese but didn't have any. It was pretty good. Buffalo is really good meat. I also had a glass of red wine. Merlot I think. It comes in a box. It's as fancy as my place setting of old opened mail scattered everywhere.

After such a stressful day, I decided to have a piece of chocolate. This is Lindt 85% dark chocolate. It's almost unsweetened. It's pretty good. My parrot took a little bite out of one corner. My parrot also had a little of the buffalo. :)

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