Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Job hunting and hiking

I posted my resume on a big online job board. I got two messages almost immediately. One is for a job at REI in Washington. Maybe I will move away. Maybe I am on my way to my hermit life. Maybe I will make enough money to buy a cabin. Once I have a cabin and a couple hundred thousand bucks, I will fade away from society.

I gave The Man a list of all the good Sierra Club hikes for all the weekends while I'm on my furlough. I asked him if any of them sounded remotely like something he would want to do. My thought was that if he wanted to do any of them, I wouldn't plan any long backpack trips that weekend. Instead I would plan to go hiking with him and the Sierra Club. Predictably, the answer was "I don't know."

It's pretty clear he wants nothing to do with me. So I will just go and live my life without him. So, this Friday I think I will pack my backpack and drive to work and leave from work directly to the trail. I will just head out and see how far I can get and still be back on Monday.

It saddens me to have to do this all by myself. It's not like I am against hiking solo. I just thought maybe we could hike together once in a while. So, solo hiking it is. I think I need a new trailname to go with my new solo self. I can tell you this, if I am really becoming solo, I will never ever have another relationship with another person as long as I live.

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