Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Planning some hikes

I have been furloughed for a few weeks so I have Mondays off for a while. I decided I could use this time for backpacking trips. I'm trying to make a big schedule of trips I can do each weekend.

I was thinking of perhaps using the Kickoff as an excuse to hike down near the border on the PCT. I could hike southbound into Kickoff on Saturday night where they are likely to be showing some good movies. I could watch a few movies and then go find a quiet place to camp away from the campground. On Sunday I could hike up to Mt. Laguna where the air is cool and pleasant. Maybe have dinner there or something and then go camp somewhere south of Mt. Laguna. Then in the morning on Monday, hike back to my car and drive home.

I've been looking through the rest of the So Cal portions and there really isn't anything else worth doing except maybe for the San Jacinto portion. Most of the rest of So Cal below Agua Dulce is all fire detour or boring. And I've done the part north of Agua Dulce twice already. Anything north of that is starting to get too far away as far as driving and better left for summer anyway.

So, except for this one little piece of the PCT, all the rest of my backpacks would be local.

I thought I might be able to do some kind of hike in the Sespe Wilderness. I could do something that centers around Pine Mountain Lodge. I could also return to the Buck Creek Trail. I got lost and missed that when I was trying to hike from my house to the PCT. The Buck Creek Trail is only 11 miles long plus a 2 mile roadwalk.

The rest of my weekends I could do shorter trips. To get around making The Man too lonely I could just leave on Sundays and come home on Mondays.

I'm feeling bummed out lately that The Man seems to have no interest in backpacking with me. He is pretty much passive-aggressive about his disinterest. If I ask open-endedly if he'd like to do a trip, the answer is "I don't know." If I ask if he'd like to go to XYZ and be specific, "I don't know." If I ask him if he wants to go to Kickoff, "I don't know." If I ask him if he thinks he's going to try to hike San Jacinto again, "I don't know." If I say how about a quickie overnighter to Blue Canyon, just a couple hours in the evening and morning and we're all done, he says "I don't know." He won't say anything else. I guess I will just have to live my own life and leave him to rot in front of the TV.

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