Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm a ghost who is really out on a trail somewhere

I feel really invisible today. I think it is because I spent the week reading Jonathon Ley's CDT Journal. His writing is really good and he made me feel like I was hiking the trail myself. He also managed to speak all the thoughts I had while hike the PCT and continue to have while I endure this meaningless life of commerce and money.

While it feels like there is somebody out there who understands and has had exactly the same thoughts as I have had, I also feel incredibly alone and invisible, a ghost walking around in this commercial world. I walk to work, go through the motions, but my heart and mind are out on the trails, in the mountains. I may be dodging dog shit in plastic bags on the sidewalk but my mind is out in the trees and mountains somewhere. Maybe I'm writing some code and staring at computer screens all day, but my thoughts are on the trail and my heart is soaring thinking about some beautiful view or some cute animal or some amazingly difficult situation I endured.

Real life is out on the trail.

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