Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another hike on Rattlesnake Trail

I hiked Rattlesnake Trail again today. This time I went beyond the meadow all the way to the end of the trail where I sat for a few minutes on a rock overlooking the city and the ocean. It was really pretty out. The trail was a green tunnel of canyon sunflower, hummingbird sage and fiesta flowers. Yellow, pink and purple. Since the fire, it looks like a park almost with so many green and blooming things.

I stopped at the grapevine where a small stream came down from a side canyon. I drank the water from the stream unfiltered. It tasted pretty good for Santa Barbara water.

Even though I tried to stay present in the beauty of the trail I kept thinking about planning a backpack trip. I wondered if I could use my lumbar pack and a small day pack and put enough gear in it for an overnighter. How small could I go with my gear? Wouldn't it be funny if I turned up somewhere in the middle of nowhere looking like a dayhiker?

I thought often of the PCT. I thought about the trail around Warner Spring and Barrel Spring. I wondered if I might hike from Warner Springs to the kickoff and then get a ride back to my car pretty easily.

It felt good to get out with the nice long evenings we have all of a sudden with the early time change.

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