Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fleece works well in wet weather

I did a day hike yesterday in the rain. It was not raining at the start but the bushes were wet and it was a bushwhacking adventure so I got pretty wet. It was still a nice hike. It finally started raining for real near the end of the hike. My fleece jacket worked out well. I have resisted fleece for a long time because I don't like how it gets all full of static cling and my hair sticks to it, but it worked out well in the rain. Warm when wet.

It's really pouring right now. There was a couple at the trailhead yesterday that looked like they were just setting off for a backpack trip. I wonder how they fared.

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  1. You know what's even better in the wet than fleece? Wool.

    I used fleece glo-mitts for years and then a couple years ago I tried wool glo-mitts.

    They are amazing. I can pick huckleberries off soaking wet bushes and my hands stay warm and dry.

    When I tried that with fleece glo-mitts they would get soaked and stay wet the rest of the day.