Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chaco "shoes"

So, since I found out that Chacos makes shoes, ordered some and sent them back for an exchange because they didn't fit, I thought I would take an old pair of Chaco sandals that I had in the closet and staple the uppers from a pair of my homemade shoes to them. The uppers were made from nylon men's bathing trunks. I hammered thick metal staples through the uppers into the sides of the sandals. Works pretty well.

I didn't feel bad about possibly ruining the sandals since these were the ones that were too narrow for my heels, that I cut off the edges of the heels to fit me. They were already crudely modified so what is one more modification.

They're not as comfortable as my homemade hiking shoes. Boy are my homemade shoes fantastic now that I modified them. I feel great knowing I finally made the perfect hiking shoe! Thin sole that's really flexible but just protective enough I don't worry about rocks and things. Flexible so my foot can work like a foot should and thin so I can still feel what the ground actually feels like. With the shoes tapered in toward my arches more, they fit perfectly. I felt really stable on yesterday's off-trail adventure.

These homemade Chaco shoes, in comparison, feel thick and clunky. I suppose I can send back the Chacos I exchanged when they come now that I've made my own. Or I may keep them if they are better than my homemade ones.

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