Sunday, January 02, 2011

Sad to see my holiday end

My glorious week off is almost over. I am sorry it has to end. It was so wonderful. We slept in, ate at the Daily Grind, hunted mushrooms, went for a hike every other day, got terrible poison oak and a cold. The Man never snipped at me. Not once. He was happy and kind the whole time. I wish he would retire.

It rained hard all day today. The sun was out for a little while. There was snow on the mountains.

I really don't think I can go back to sitting in a room all day with people I would never choose to spend time with. I need to find a way out of there. I found the company that does the campground hosting in my area. Maybe I will see about that. I also joined a yahoo group with people who live a vagabond life.

I attempted to make another pair of shoes this week, but they looked like they would turn out really ugly I gave up. I was trying a different pattern than the one I have been working with so far. Part of the pattern works well, but part of it doesn't. Maybe I can salvage the project, maybe not. I joined a forum to ask questions about shoemaking, but the shoemakers are all professionals so I think they sort of don't like my presence. Not all of them, though. One nice lady said she'd send me some leather.

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