Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm really enjoying my time off from work

I have to say that The Man's chanterelles last night were out of this world. He used goat cheese and Marsala wine and who knows what else. It is nice to have a Man that can cook.

I hope we go out again to get some more mushrooms. It rained today. Maybe we can get some more tomorrow.

Today was a lazy day. I took apart one of my favorite homemade sandals and made a new sandal. I figure rather than keep adding stuff I'll just recycle stuff. It's good to practice non-attachment too. I only made one sandal, though. Maybe I can make the other one this weekend. Then I'll take a picture.

I wore my latest homemade shoes on a hike. My feet were really tired toward the end of the hike. And my new homemade shoes were all muddy. I washed them off and then the next hike I wore regular trail running shoes. My feet didn't hurt as much. I wonder why that is. My homemade shoes don't hurt at all if I just put them on and walk around. But they don't have any cushioning at all and the soles are pretty thick, so perhaps they are too stiff or hard or both.

I drove to the Tandy Leather store in Ventura today. I don't know anything about leather. I looked around. There are big hunks of leather for sale. Like whole animal skins. I didn't know what to do, so I plucked a few scraps from the scrap bin and filed everything else away for the future. I don't feel confident enough in my skills to buy a whole cow.

They had little kits you could buy there to make a cowboy vest or a pair of moccasins. They had one of those butterfly and stick hair things I remember from the 70s. I always wanted one of those. I have all this leather lying around now, I guess I can make hair things.

I went to the bank today to deposit two checks. I have a magic bank account. When I was rich the money grew and grew because there was no way I could spend it all. Oddly, it continues to do that now even though I make much much less. The Man is largely responsible for that, but I like to believe there is magic, too.

If it keeps up like this, I'll be able to blow this joint for a cheap life in the Third World, which means I will be financially secure at some level.

Meanwhile, just being able to identify many sought-after foods in the forest makes me feel like a millionaire.

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