Friday, July 09, 2010

I'm looking for a good plastic pollution poster

I want to find posters I can put up on trailheads and near the beach that show the effects of plastic pollution, but I can't find any. I have "ads" on my hiking web site that I made myself, but I have been wanting to do something more to get the word out. I can't find any good posters. All I can find are wordy brochures and movies. The few posters I've found are really stupid. I may make my own poster if I can find a good picture to use.

I don't think anybody really wants to hurt living creatures like this. Well, I do have my doubts about the super wealthy executives of the industries who make this stuff and the other hangers-on who attach their own less lofty fortunes to theirs, but everybody knows you have to kill the little living part of your heart in order to reach that point. Anyway, here's a movie showing what is inside a dead baby albatross on Midway island.

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