Saturday, July 10, 2010

Did a big loopish hike today

I went on a nice hike today. The Man and I went up San Ysidro, over the top of the Santa Ynez mountains and down to Forbush Flat. The return trip was down the Cold Springs Trail to the Hot Springs Trail to the Bud Girard Trail to the McMenemy Trail and back to San Ysidro Trail.

We rose out of the fog. There were gorgeous summer clouds in the sky. The air was clear and we could see deep into the wilderness. I could imagine that just over the farthest mountain crests you'd be able to see the Sierra Nevada. We talked about hiking all the way to the Sierra from here.

The flies were awful. Biting flies and little annoying flies. It was hot and humid back there. I loved the heat and humidity but not the flies.

There were lots of summer flowers still blooming. Lots of mariposa lilies, the fuzzy red and yellow kind, and lots of heart-leaved penstemon and scarlet larkspur. We took a lot of pictures of the flowers.

Coming back down, as we descended, the fog had moved to just along the coast. The clouds above had thickened a bit. It became cooler and more comfortable as we descended. Someone was putting in a tarp to fill up the hot spring, otherwise there were no pools.

We stopped at Blenders and got smoothies. I wondered if I could find a big 24 ounce cup and a glass straw to use instead of their foam cups next time. Keep it in the car since the only time I ever get a smoothie is when I'm with The Man.

The best part of the day was the clouds. We so seldom get summer storm clouds and humidity.

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