Thursday, July 08, 2010

A tiny break in the fog brings joy to all

The sun burst forth late in the evening yesterday. I went to the park to play my fiddle with the Glendessary Jam. There was a huge turnout. Everyone was so happy. It was warm and beautiful. We played tunes in the key of G which for some reason seem to be really fun and full of variation.

The park was full of people. A group was belly dancing. A couple was getting married in the gazebo. Baby ducklings were bobbing in the pond. People would come by to hear the music and dance. I didn't wear a down jacket. Ah, this is what summer is supposed to be like.

Of course the fog was rolling back in before the music was over. I could feel the cold wind. My fingers were getting cold and stiff. I went home, having enjoyed a brief moment of happiness. It's another gray day today. Back to my down, back to the gloom, back to barely feeling alive.

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