Saturday, February 07, 2009

Gourmet salt can stove

I made my own stove. And I took a lousy picture of it.

It's not terribly light, but it solves an issue with the dang pot stands. Pot stands tend to be the weakest link in a stove. They are shaky or get in the way or burn away after a while. My stove has the pot stand built in.

I used a small can of gourmet French sea salt from Trader Joes. The can was lined with plastic and the top was partially plastic so you could see the gray salt inside. I removed the plastic (and the salt) and drilled holes in the sides. There are three nuts screwed into the top of the tin, their heights adjusted by extra nuts. The pot rests right on the nuts without extinguishing the flame or toppling over on some rickety stand. I can refill the stove without burning my hands trying to remove the pot stand because I don't need to remove it. And the whole unit fits right inside my pot.

I tested it and it did boil water. I did not time it, however, as the time is not important to me after a point. It'll boil water as fast enough. It's really just a basic, unpressurized alcohol burner.

I also tested it without the screws and after it heats up it works great with pretty blue jets coming out the holes. I may remove the built-in pot stand. I'll have to see how things really work on my trip next week.

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