Saturday, February 07, 2009


It has been raining here the last 3 days. That's good news. We need the rain.

I woke up yesterday jazzed about the rain. It occurred to me that I should be out there in it as preparation for my hike. So I hopped on my bike and rode to work in the rain. But it stopped raining as soon as I got on the bike so the only rain I got was splatter from the tires.

As soon as I got inside the office, it poured like mad. On my way home from work, it stopped raining again. I seem to have some kind of magic rain stopping powers.

This morning it was still raining so off I went for a walk with my umbrella. The rain was light. I walked some without the umbrella. My new Houdini jacket worked great. It's perfect.

I believe that you cannot stay dry in rain. Anything powerful enough to keep you dry will make you sweat and then you'll just get drenched from sweat. My plan is to use very light protection, in this case the Houdini, and an umbrella. If the rain is just too miserable, I will seek better shelter in my tent.

I have hiked with an umbrella before. I love hiking with an umbrella. It's just so sensible and fun.

I'm all jazzed now about the Pacific NW rain. I'm going to love hiking and camping in the rain. It's going to be beautiful, peaceful and mystical.

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