Saturday, April 05, 2008

Dehydrating miso doesn't work

I tried to dehydrate miso. It didn't really work. It sticks to the wax paper. Maybe I will try again and see if it will dehydrate on plastic wrap.

I tried to dehydrate something using plastic wrap before but the wrap doesn't allow any air flow, even with a hole in the middle, so the food I was dehydrating just went bad.

I'm very disappointed by the miso.

I'm resistant to buying individual miso soup packages. It disgusts me how much excess packaging there is for that. They are usually double-wrapped either as a box with packets inside or as a packet inside another plastic packet.

In fact, packaging in general disgusts me. 

First you have to pay to purchase it, which means you are paying for the graphic artists and marketing people who write all the words and images all over it; the people who design the shape and size and materials and glue; the people who chopped down the trees for the box and drilled and processed the oil for the plastic; and all the shipping that just went into the packaging before it became the product.

Then you have to pay to throw it out in the trash. 

Somebody went to a lot of trouble to make a container that just might last forever that holds a little bit of food or drink that you will eat in 15 minutes. They wouldn't go through all that trouble if it wasn't a huge profit for them. Basically, our food system is a plastic and cardboard waste delivery system, a free giveaway to the packaging industry. They've even found a way to insert plastic into every piece of fruit you buy these days but putting a little non-biodegradable sticker on it. 

It's an insane system.

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