Thursday, March 27, 2008

20 lbs

Tony and I and some crazy fools are going to do a backpack trip this weekend. We're going to get a key to the gate blocking access to the San Rafael Wilderness area and we're going to do the Nira to White Ledge to Hurricane Deck all the way across to Schoolhouse loop.

I've loaded up my backpack. It's a little light on stuff I don't need, such as rain gear. But I do have extra socks, my chaco sandals and an umbrella for slightly unecessary things. With my weekend's worth of food but no water in the pack, the whole thing weighs only 20 pounds. Does this make me an ultra-light backpacker?

Perhaps I have enough weight left over to bring a musical instrument. Should I attempt the strumstick or bring my flute or just a tin whistle?

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