Monday, March 31, 2008

To Heck with Hurricane Deck!

We did our big adventure this weekend. We hiked the Hurricane Deck trail. 

Our mission was to hike from Nira to White Ledge the first day, then across Hurricane Deck to the Schoolhouse the second day, and then from the Schoolhouse back to Nira the third day. We fell short.

The Zaca Fire didn't burn enough of Hurricane Deck to make it as easy as we had hoped. In fact, mostly it was the same old Hurricane Deck trail that requires loppers and a saw and gloves (we only had loppers) and crawling on your hands and knees. My knees look like they have the measles from all the holes poked in them from crawling on the sharp leaves. That's why I say to Heck with Hurricane Deck. We may never go back again. It's just too much trouble.

My poor backpack got a bit torn up, too. I'm going to have to patch it. 

My feet were killing me as they twisted and turned on the crooked trail bed as I was pushed around and clawed at by angry plants. My 8 1/2 D width New Balance shoes simply are not wide enough. I think I need F width or G or maybe Q.

I don't believe anyone makes a shoe wide enough for me. Today I went to the store with my sore feet and 3 pairs of socks and bought some size 8 1/2 men's shoes. Even most of the men's shoes hurt my little toes. But I found a pair that I think will work. They'll probably be so big the bottoms of my feet will get blisters from sliding around, but that's what all the extra socks will be for. I bet by summer's end I'll be up to a men's 9 1/2 or 10. Can you imagine? Measured on the little shoe size thingie my feet are really a ladies size 7. They just don't make shoes to fit my hobbit feet.

This was good training for the PCT. Good to find out about the shoes. We did around 15 miles on the first 2 days. We didn't complete the whole Hurricane Deck trail. We had enough of the misery and bailed out down the Potrero trail. So our last day was very short. But it's good to see that I can hike 15 miles two days in a row and be disappointed there wasn't another 15 to do on the third day. I am sore, however.

Despite the soreness and the agony of the Deck, I do have to say that everything was so beautiful. After the fire the wildflowers are so lovely and the expansive vistas are amazing. I really like the wilderness after a fire. I kept thinking that I feel like the wealthiest woman in the world because I get to be here surrounded by so much beauty. This is what life is about. This is what riches truly are. The pursuit of money and security is a false summit. The true summit is time and wildflowers and feet to carry you to places where bear and lion roam, birds soar and flowers turn their cheery faces to the sun.

I'm still procrastinating on the resupply issue. I'm quite perplexed by it. But at least the gear issue is coming together. I bought a bear can today. It's half the size of the one we already have. I had to buy it because the one we have takes up all the space in my backpack. I think I have all the other gear I will need. I'm getting closer to being ready to go. I'm the luckiest woman in the world!

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