Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hike today

Today I loaded my backpack with some hiking gear and a 6 pound rock. The total weight was only 22 pounds. That seemed like a good amount to start with.

I set off on a hike up Rattlesnake trail to Tunnel trail. I stopped at the waterfall in that shady spot with the big rock you can lounge on like a chair. I felt pretty good.

The sun going up the Connector was pretty hot. I figured I would test out the Ray Jardine mylar-covered umbrella trick. The mylar tore right away and it was a pain to carry the umbrella. So much heat rises from the ground that I'm not sure how much it helped. I think it helped a little. Eventually I figured out how to make the umbrella hold itself up. I took off the mylar. Not only is it fragile it's also noisy. I will have to make a better mylar covering if this is going to be successful at all.

Yesterday I went to the Deckers outlet and bought a pair of Teva sandals. They are almost shoes, kind of like those Keen shoes a lot of people like. I really enjoyed wearing them. After 4 hours of hiking my feet got a little sore. So did my back. I think both my feet and back are a little weak from so much cubicle living. Hopefully they will strengthen. I like the feeling of having unencumbered feet. It makes me feel much stronger than big old boots. The Tevas are men's size 7 and feel wonderful.

Taking a hike and mailing my taxes was the only thing I did to prepare today.

I almost forgot to mention that I saw a big rattlesnake on Tunnel trail. It scared me! I'm just walking along and suddenly there's that rattle you can't mistake. I jumped back and waited, trying to decide what to do. The snake kept rattling, then decided to amble across the trail. It was pretty big. Not huge, but big enough. As it crossed to the other side it kept rattling. I heard the rattles moving away but then they stopped and not far enough away for my comfort. I pounded the ground with my hiking sticks and my feet, moving ever closer to where it was. When I heard nothing I figured if I ran through I'd be ok. I was.

It was a beautiful snake, by the way.

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