Saturday, October 22, 2011

I guess I'm just not keto-adapted yet

I think I have figured out my problem from reading around the internet. I'm just not keto-adapted yet.

In order to burn your own body fat your body has to know how to burn fat for energy. My body is clearly struggling with this because I don't have quite as much energy doing physically active things and my pee smells like acetone. This is supposedly because of the excess ketones being eliminated.

The ketones are made from breaking down fat. If your body is efficient in using them, it doesn't eliminate them in your pee as much. So clearly I'm not efficient in this yet. And if your body is breaking down fat that is eaten you're not burning your own body fat, so you do have to have a calorie deficit in order to have your body burn up its own fat. Otherwise, it has no need to. So like anything, it's a balance of calories eaten vs calories used. Okay, so I will keep on keeping on. Hopefully I'll find a balance between starving and burning body fat. I do feel a little better almost every day.

Meanwhile, I went to the farmers market today and bought a bunch of veggies, eggs and meat. I got chicken thighs and legs with the skin on and some grass-fed beef. The eggs were supposedly pastured. We'll see when I break them open. So far even the organic and humane grocery store eggs have weak shells and pallid yolks. I think I spent about $65 in 10 minutes! The Man says he doesn't want to eat so much meat and is getting mad at me. I am not sure what to do. Maybe the chicken will make him less mad.

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