Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Glendessary Jammers had a party today in Carpinteria. We sat outside in the deck overlooking the lemon and avocado orchards and the ocean. The sun was warm and felt real good. We had a potluck and played music while chickens pecked around in the yard and took dirt baths.

I was able to find something to eat at the potluck: sashimi and a greek salad that had cucumbers instead of lettuce. I was still hungry though. I could have eaten the pesto pate I brought but people were in the way and I couldn't reach it and by the time I thought I could go get some, it had melted in the sun and there were flies touching all the food. I threw it out.

I got sleepy in the sun. I talked to Steve, a guitar player. He wants to run the Red Rock Ultra next year. He said I should run it too next year. It's 50 miles! I can only run about 5. The furthest I walked in one day on the PCT was 36 miles.

This morning at breakfast we saw the wild parrots of Santa Barbara flying overhead. They are mostly lilac-crowned amazons with at least one double-yellow head amazon and the hybrid offspring. It's fun to hear them screeching overhead as they go by. They flew by twice.

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