Friday, August 12, 2011

I've broken down and ordered some huaraches from the Internet

I decided after my huaraches broke that I would order some of the Invisible Shoes huaraches. They have kits that are pre-made with the only thing left to do is to punch a toe hole and thread the laces. The soles have little nubs for traction. With any luck, it's a decent amount of traction. I'll use my Luna Leadville laces if I like the sandals.

I turned my previous homemade huaraches into two pairs. One pair is made from the rubber outsoles. They are okay, but they lack the beauty of my former leather top huaraches. They are also kind of flimsy. They don't pass my Vespa test, which means they hurt when I try to put the kickstand up on my Vespa.

The other pair is made from the leather top and a pair of Vibram lug soles I had. They are too narrow and my toes hang over the sides. The Vibram soles are also really heavy so the sandals feel kind of heavy.

With any luck, the Invisible Shoe sandals will work out. Perhaps I'll glue some suede to the top for added good looks and comfort. I would order the Luna sandals except that a) they cost too much and b) I'm starting to not like the Vibram Newflex. It wears out too quickly.

Meanwhile, I have actually done some trail running, beach running and street running wearing homemade huaraches. I like running in huaraches. It feels sort of like barefoot running on the beach. I hope if I run at lunch a few times a week I will lose some weight. These love handles are bad. Very bad.


  1. Hey,

    I've been using these lately in hopes that they can replace my heavy Chacos. So far so good... at first I got some blisters from the straps but now they are comfortable.


  2. I should have checked the Deckers outlet store when I was down in Ventura this morning. Maybe they would have had some of those. They do look interesting. I kind of want to find a replacement for my Chacos, or at least an alternative. I doubt anything is as good, though.