Thursday, August 11, 2011

Huarache fail

My huaraches fell apart. The vegetable-tanned leather separated from the soles. It's like the leather peeled off and left leather fuzz glued to the sole. I'm so mad at how I can't get the soles to stick reliably.

I guess the only good thing to come of this is I'll get two pairs of sandals from this instead of one.

I peeled off the leather tops and glued them to some other soles. We'll see if they stick. I took the soles that the sandals peeled off of and glued some very thin suede scraps to the tops to make a new pair of sandals.

We'll see if the ones with the vegetable-tanned leather stick to the new soles. I don't have a lot of hope. If the suede doesn't stick, it won't matter so much because it's paper thin and only there to hide the leather fuzz.

I probably have more pairs of huaraches than anybody (3 pairs!)


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