Monday, October 18, 2010

Homemade fishermans sandals from fused plastic bags

I made minimalist running shoes, or maybe for me just minimalist walking shoes. They are fisherman's sandals made from fused plastic bags stitched to a leather sole stitched to a mouse pad for a little padding and to help protect the stitching from the ground (the stitches sort of recess into the padding). They are surprisingly comfortable even if they are extremely ugly. I really want to make a real pair of these in leather someday.
Fused Plastic Bag sandals

I did a google image search on fused plastic bags. There are a lot of creative things being made of this stuff these days. Much better than my crappy sandals. In addition to tote bags there was jewelry, hats, baby bibs and even boots. I should have saved up black plastic bags for these sandals.

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