Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Freedom is found in unusual places

I'm sure all my posts about making my own shoes have been quite boring and annoying. I was reading something online today, a group for barefoot runners. All these people worried about what they can buy to wear on their feet through winter so as to be able to approximate barefoot running without having to be so darn cold. Some people were concerned about having to order all these shoes over the Internet, wasting money trying to find something that would work. I wanted to tell these people to just make a pair of warm, flat shoes to run in!

I feel so free knowing how to make shoes. I am not as dependent as I used to be for something so elemental for my existence. This is incredibly freeing and powerful. Yeah, I still have to buy stuff, I still have to spend time making it, but I can make what I need. I don't have to depend on a capricious market that doesn't even make what I need. It's so incredibly empowering.

That is why I've been posting all my shoe projects under the topic of getting free.

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