Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's very hot

It's really hot. We go from a summer of sub-65 degree temperatures into a sudden hot spell with temperatures over 100 degrees and single-digit humidity. It just can't be a nice 75 degrees around here.

What makes 100+ degree temps really awful for Santa Barbara is most houses here have no air-conditioning and many of them have poor insulation. Ours is like that. By the afternoon, it was as hot as outside. By evening it was hotter than outside. Only in Santa Barbara do people rush out to find air-conditioning to sit in like the olden days. Only in Santa Barbara do people sleep outside or on the floor or in their bathtubs.

I couldn't sleep outside because I was afraid of being walked all over by raccoons and skunks. I slept part of the night on the floor in the living room. Once it finally cooled off, with the front and back doors open, I was able to move into the bedroom.

Some people reported from their backyard thermometers that it was as much as 109 degrees. It was 113 in downtown Los Angeles. It's supposed to be another hot one today. Too bad I have to go take a mid-term in my Java class at 1:00 pm in a windowless room that has no air-conditioning today.

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