Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I got compliments on my homemade shoes

My homemade shoesI wore my homemade shoes today. It cooled enough (after that 109 degree Monday) to be able to wear them.

I actually got compliments. Someone asked me about them, said they looked really fun and cute. When I told people I made them myself they were surprised. When I told them they were based on a shoe pattern from a man found in a bog in Europe and made of an old skirt from the thrift store and an old placemat (hence the crazy colors) they thought that was brilliant and made them even better. They liked the orange trim. Several people wanted to know how to make them.

I have been trying to make another pair. I made a pair that was really cute but I made them too big so I had to start over. In the process I got a feel for the durability of the hot glue. That stuff really sticks. I don't have to worry about my shoes falling apart.

Today I bought a wool sweater in hopes of felting it in the washing machine to make another pair of shoes. Not sure if it turned to felt exactly, but I could get some of that iron-on facing fabric to stiffen it. I also ordered a book of patterns for sandals and shoes. I will try to use one of those patterns with the wool to make some low boots.

Making your own shoes is liberating. Every time you find a good shoe they discontinue it to make a new style that doesn't fit. By making my own shoes I can get free of that kind of planned obsolescence.

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