Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Winter, again

Winter has returned to Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara's winter that other people get to call summer has arrived. June Gloom. We didn't see the sun until 6:30 last night and then the fog rolled back in an hour later. It's so cold. Time to get out the down jacket and shiver all the way to work, then shiver inside the office because most people set the air conditioner based on the calendar and not on reality. Most people never go outside so there is no reality for them. I spent two glorious summers in a row having a real summer. I love summer. I wish we had it here. May Gray, June Gloom, July Gray Sky, Fogust, September (don't have a cute one for that month, but rest assured it's just as gloomy), NoSunber and finally the sun returns in December. Nothing left to do but wait for December.

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