Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Man has hiked to Warner Springs

The Man has hiked all the way to Warner Springs. He got there in less than 5 days. He says he's not tired or sore or anything. The hiking has been easy. He's very strong.

He says he has been trying to advise people on how to take advantage of the water on the trail. Too many hikers seem to just blow by the natural water sources on their way to the ones published in various books and online resources. Suffering in the heat, suffering under the weight of their packs loaded with water and struggling with hot, sore feet, they just walk past all the nice little creeklets on the trail. He suggests people stop at the natural water and soak their feet. Put their shirts in the water to cool off. You can't regret this, he says. He's right, of course.

He met Billy Goat, Unbreakable and No Trace, three people who I met last year. They remembered me. Billy Goat lost his hiking poles when he left them by a tree and someone took them to try to find their owner up the trail. He's got bamboo poles now and doesn't want metal ones again, even though someone tried to give him some.

The Man is soaking now in the hot spring-fed pool and enjoying the luxury of the resort. He plans a zero day. He'll probably be in Idyllwild this weekend. I wish I was with him.

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