Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I made a bomber hat

I successfully sewed a Ray Jardine bomber hat. A friend was kind enough to send me a kit he had never used. I can't believe I actually managed to do it. I'd probably get a C in sewing this time around (I got a D in high school, the worst grade I ever got.) But it works and looks pretty decent.

As for the hat itself, it feels quite warm, but I think I like my homemade fleece balaclava better. The balaclava covers my face and neck. The bomber hat only covers my head. The bomber hat is also noisy. As I move and breathe the nylon makes noise right up against my ears. The fleece is quiet.

I think I will try using the bomber hat anyway. Because I made it myself and that feels good.

I want to sew a hiking skirt next. A bias cut, A-line simple skirt but I want to add some pockets, at least one zippered pocket, so that it's handy like pants. It has to have belt loops, too, because if you hike long enough, you lose weight and need a belt. The other thing I want my hiking skirt to have is a modesty closure like they have for some kilts. I don't know if I'll actually sew a skirt or just buy one at the thrift store and modify it.

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