Sunday, April 11, 2010

I bought a sewing machine

I bought a sewing machine! I bought it from an estate sale for $35. I also got a little table and all the bobbins and other things that go with it. It is a Pfaff from probably the 1950s.

This little sewing machine actually tells a small piece of the story of the woman's life. It is clear she had been using it up until the end. It was last serviced one year ago. How quickly a life can end. It is quite sad.

It's also clear from the sewing machine that this was a thrifty woman who took good care of things. The sewing machine came with many of the original items, including the original measuring tape. This was not a woman who threw things away or misplaced things and bought new ones to replace them. How different people are nowadays.

The machine is built like a tank and weighs a ton. There is very little plastic. No plastic gears, only plastic knobs. This machine was built to make clothing for the family and last forever. It works, too. I fixed The Man's backpack and I sewed some belt loops onto some thrift store pants I bought. It seems the latest fashion for women is to build pants with big bellies and skinny legs, so, because I have big thighs and have to buy pants with huge clown waists, I have to either pin the waist, put elastic in the waist or use a belt to keep people from having easy viewing of my underwear.

I may try to make some backpacking gear with it. I'm very happy it is mine now.

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