Saturday, April 10, 2010

Boring update about my new shoes

So my new Feelmax shoes which seemed fairly wide and possibly too big are actually too narrow. And my new NB MT100s which looked too narrow actually fit perfectly. I went running in them today and they seemed to be exactly what I want from a trail shoe. They don't get in the way, they are flexible and I can feel the ground under me. They would be terrible for someone wanting stability and support, which I do not want. I really liked them. I like the Feelmax, too, but wish they made them wider. They are okay with thin socks but not toe socks. I wear them a lot for walking. It's clear I don't know how to walk right. Too much pounding on my knees. It also feels like I'm getting stronger both in my feet and in my ability to run up hills. But I'm very sore, too.

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