Friday, February 19, 2010

Technology can't be trusted

So, if the only thing standing between you and somebody who wants your money is a flimsy little password (heck, I have had so many passwords at various times I have resorted to keeping a list of them under my keyboard), what's going to happen when the power goes out?

Despite being a web developer and taking programming classes, which expresses some kind of faith that this type of work will be available in the future, I have no faith in technology. I'm a Luddite in many ways. It's all too fragile and too dependent on technologies that come and go like fads.

Tony continues to be quite distraught. There's really nothing he can do. The bank quickly added a bunch of security precautions which basically shut him off from having anything to show the police. If the bank itself was responsible for stealing his money (and I don't think it was, but just suppose) there would be no evidence.

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