Monday, February 22, 2010

It's a non-birthday birthday for me today

I'm really sore from my big, crazy adventure yesterday. My thigh muscles are sore and my feet are sore. I definitely over-did it.

I had blood tests and X-rays today. Blood tests for CPK (which I guess is a marker of muscle damage), thyroid, estrogen and cholesterol. X-rays of my knees and hips for osteo-arthritis. I also had to turn in a take-home exam and an assignment in my computer programming class. I didn't get any dinner. Happy Birthday. Is that the worst birthday every? Needle sticks, blasts of radiation, exams and no dinner or cake? At least I took the day off from work.

At least I feel good being so sore. It's like I actually did something. I told The Man how I was feeling so sore and that maybe I should slow down and just be old and he said no, you should fight it. Fight it with everything you've got. Okay then. Here's to another year of fighting.

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  1. Happy Birthday Diane! Best year ever.