Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The best PowerPoint presentation ever

So here's an update on two threads from my life.

The Man, who had all his money stolen out of his bank account is getting his money restored. The bank was very understanding. They said they knew exactly what happened, who took the money and where it went. The person on the phone wanted to get this resolved for him as quickly as possible so that he could put the whole story in a PowerPoint presentation he plans to give next week. Best darn PowerPoint presentation ever!

Turned out what happened was that someone somehow got into his account (that part isn't clear yet) and to enable him to get away with taking the money, they launched a denial of service attack on our phone. This meant that the bank could not call us and we could not call them, and also that our lives would be consumed trying to fix the problem with our phone and not noticing that the money was being stolen. I wrote about our phone having trouble not too long ago. That was what was really happening at the time.

Some guy in in the US claims he was hired to wire money from a bunch of accounts to another account that then wired all the money overseas. He claims to be innocent, but I don't buy that. In any case, the bank has suffered large losses but The Man is getting his money back.

The PowerPoint presentation is all about this guy wanting to alert the industry to the problem. Nobody has ever heard of DNS attacks over the phone being tied to stealing money.

We still don't know for sure what caused the problem, but thankfully there will be a solution.

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  1. That is wonderful news about the bank and money. Sometimes good things to happen after bad.