Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The big eye robs me of life

There are a few television shows I like to watch, but not many. So most nights while The Man watches TV I surf the Internet, read or work on various web sites that I'm in charge of.

Except for the few shows that I like, I can't stand TV anymore. Most of the shows are terrible and the commercials irritate me. They symbolize everything I hate about modern life. Even during the shows I like, I can barely tolerate watching TV anymore.

The Man would like to get a bigger TV. One of the flat ones that are all in fashion nowadays. I wish he would save his money instead and throw this one out the window. I'm certain one day I'll come home and a much bigger eye of the evil empire will be staring at me in my living room, dominating our lives.

The worst part of TV is that it robs the life out of you. Last night I went in search of my maps. The Man wanted to know why on earth I wanted to look at maps. I told him I felt like dreaming and scheming my next hike.

We did not hike the weekend before Thanksgiving. We had the time but he didn't feel like it. Instead the big eye of the evil empire stared at us while I looked longingly out the window. I watched the purple moments, the moments when the setting sun turns our mountains purple, with a strong desire to be freezing cold with a hot pot of noodles snuggled in my sleeping bag.

Every weekend seems to fly by like that. I realize that it is a pain to go away for a weekend because you rush around after a busy work week, pack your stuff, barely get enough time to walk around in the wilderness before you have to rush back home. Then you have to clean up, fall asleep exhausted and wake up to go to work the next day. I can understand that The Man doesn't want to waste a weekend on that when he could otherwise relax without stress.

But to substitute it for time spent wasted in front of the big eye bothers me. I think I'm going to have to go out and sleep on the ground by myself if I'm ever going to go again.


  1. I gave up TV in 2002, and have saved about $5,000 - with which I have bought cameras that take me out of the house. I gave up because I found myself watching 2 hour Lifetime programs which were a waste of time. I also could not stand the time wasted by ads.

  2. The worst show I ever watched was some kind of Hallmark movie about a guy with tourettes. Everyone was so happy and nothing could prevent this guy from achieving anything he wanted and everyone was so loving. I was depressed for weeks after watching that movie.