Sunday, November 29, 2009

New garden made of junk

The Man and I found a bookshelf while walking today. He went back to get it once we got home. It was made of boards, two boards deep. He cut the bookshelf in half so now it was only half as deep. Then he stapled wire mesh and fabric to the bottom and put wooden feet on the bottom to raise it off the ground. He put these new planter boxes on the roof of the garage where it is sunny all day.

We filled them with soil and now I have my own little square foot garden. He is very proud of finding garbage on the street at 10AM and turning it into a garden by 4PM.

So far I have planted rapini, cabbage, chard, shallots, lettuce, spinach and basil. I transplanted some of the plants that had sprouted in my buckets. I'm not sure what they are. I'm soaking some chinese pea seeds and will plant them tomorrow. I still have the other planter to fill. I feel so lucky to live here. When other people are watching snow cover the ground, we are planting cool-season crops. Soon it'll be spring (although the native plants think it already is spring) and we can start planting the warm-season plants.

I finally have a real victory garden. Victory over the tyranny of a fully corporatized needs hierarchy.

A new label is needed

I need a new label to apply to all these posts I've been doing lately. I'm not sure what I'm doing, but I'm striving to find my new place in the world since the big hike. It's like a continuation of the journey, but without a clear destination.

I keep putting my posts under boring news or consumerism, authentic life or maybe adventure, but I need a new label that better describes this process. It's not really news, and it's sort of related to anti-consumerism, but too vague for that. It is a process of finding authenticity in a world that forces us to behave so much like the plastic that chokes the environment, but without any real definition, it's hard to define as my authentic life. It's not that adventurous, but it is my next big adventure. I don't know what I'm doing or what to call it.

Scavenging, foraging, canning, gardening, not going back to the cubicle, being frugal, learning about portable living, examining life and my world after two summers living in the forest. Is there a word for that?


  1. I think you will enjoy this:

  2. Thanks for the link. I saw he has a post on how to eat bay berries. I walked past a ton of them on the ground just the other day. I took a taste of one. It didn't taste poisonous but I didn't eat it. Sounds like you'd have to eat them in moderation anyway.