Monday, November 02, 2009

Sewing machine

The Man mentioned tonight that he was thinking of getting me a sewing machine. What a great idea! I thought I could sew things and sell them on my web site. One thing I could probably sew would be circular head/neck/face scarves. I could find interesting fabric in fun colors and patterns.

I wonder if I could I use a regular sewing machine, something I have used in the past and could probably figure out again, or would I need a serger/overlock machine? I have never used an overlock machine, but they are the kind that makes the stitches you normally see on store-bought stretchy clothes like T-shirts. There is a class in serging at Adult Education, unless they canceled it like so many others this year.

Now I'm all excited about it. I could make a little extra money in my spare time. Maybe some day with my books (I'm working on turning my 2009 PCT journal into a book like I did with my 2008 journal), my web site, my web development skills and any other skills I can pick up along the way, I can make enough money to gain a little freedom from total wage slavery.


  1. Hi Diane,

    Guess what comes today? A sewing machine! I bought a refurbished one that a reader recommended to me for 75 dollars.

    I figured having one reader recommend a sewing machine and another post links for making a pirate shirt on the same day was a sign I should get sewing.

    I haven't sewed since that apron I made in 7th grade.

    I think making stuff and selling it is a great idea. Making the buffs would be easy.

    I sometimes think about buying used technical clothing and turning them into more unique and functional clothing.

    Have you seen this site
    People sell stuff they make on it. Like this woman made this fanciful elfin balaclava and cowl from an old alpaca sweater.

    Good luck with the sewing.

  2. Great minds think alike.

    I got a D in sewing in high school. But I made a nice backpack and embroidered a palm tree on it in Junior High. At the very least, I'll be able to hem my pants.

    I have heard of Etsy. I have even been there. I guess it's like Lulu and Cafe Press only for people with real talent.

    Good luck with your sewing projects!