Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rain Barrels

We've got rain barrels. If it ever rains, we'll be able to store free water from the sky. We can use it to water the plants instead of paying for expensive water from the city.

The rain barrels cost $50 each. We bought two.

You are supposedly point one of the gutter drains into the rain barrel's top opening to fill it up. Our house does not have gutters. Oops.

I read about a couple who lived on their own land in the woods in Oregon near Crater Lake. Their land had no well so they collected rain water for all their needs. Oregon gets a lot of rain so I'm sure it worked well. Santa Barbara doesn't get as much rain. We'll see if it ever does rain this year.

Collecting rain sounds so sweet, but it's actually illegal to capture rain water in many places. I think that is absurd. Apparently it is not illegal to capture rain water in Santa Barbara since it was the City itself that sold us the rain barrels.

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