Monday, October 05, 2009

Being frugal

So far I'm without a job. Like last year between my hikes, I have to be frugal. I have perused many frugal-oriented and simple living web sites but the advice they have is mostly about shopping.

What I mean is, there are tons of tips out there on how to acquire things cheaply. But there are few tips on how to make a little extra money. You can find such tips out there, but they tend not to be on frugal or simple living web sites.

To me, part of living simply and frugally is not acquiring things. I appreciate the tips on how to get things cheaply, but if I don't need anything, there is not much I can do with the information to improve my situation. What is really needed by me are ways to bring in a little extra money.

I have found a few ideas that I might be able to do. I could help someone move or let them load my truck full of junk to take to the dump. I could do what I already do now and help people with their web sites. I could run errands for people. I've tried replying to ads to test products and serve on mock jury panels but have not gotten any response. If I was a better musician, I could play my pennywhistle on the street. Maybe I could do that without being any good. The bongo guy still plays after all these decades with no improvement in his rhythm whatsoever. Somehow he manages.

I wish the chickens that live next door but hang out in our yard would lay some eggs in our yard. Acquiring free food is nearly the same as money since I need new food all the time. What I need is a banana tree and a small vegetable garden impervious to gophers. And I also need about $700 a month to squeak by. If only that could grow in a garden, too.

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