Friday, May 15, 2009

Being real

I just read this paragraph on someone's blog:
I want to ride the physical world out of vertical achievement. I love the material plane. I love being a body. I want to live ten thousand more lives. I want to smell the decaying leaves in fall and feel the sting of rain on my face and hear distant thunder and eat pancakes and walk in hot sand and lie in the sun, and sneeze and bleed and sweat and shit and fuck.

Instead I find myself in a climate-controlled building focusing my attention on the rules for transfer of information that keeps us all in climate-controlled buildings focusing our attention on the rules for transfer of information...
I think this is why I hike the PCT. To be real and physical.

The days are counting down. It's almost time to go be real for a while.

I just realized I packed a whole bunch of a certain item for lunch and have not ever tasted it to see if it's any good. I am going to have it for lunch today. Tony and I did a pudding test last night. We made pudding with powdered milk and freeze-dried raspberries. I learned that you have to let it sit a lot longer than 5 minutes so the raspberries have a chance to soften.

(Update: The item is tasty. It's dried lentil soup prepared by adding water and letting it sit in the sun for a little while. Eat with chips, pita chips, crackers or tortillas and a touch of olive oil.)

I have to admit that I'm not completely ready with my resupply preparations. What I mean is, I haven't completely thought through some of it. And my bounce bucket has too much stuff in it. I need to think that through, too. I'm really putting things off to the very last minute, aren't I?

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  1. Piper, I just found your blog! Please let me know if you'd like company for part of your walk. I'm ready to go--just looking for someone to walk with.

    I will read more of your blog soon!

    a breath and a smile--
    forestdweller (currently near UCSB)