Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alternate route

All the trails above Santa Barbara are closed because of the Jesusita Fire. Someone has even managed to close all the trails that aren't officially closed. I started to worry that if they don't open the trails in a week and a half, I'll have no way to begin my hike to the PCT.

So I got to thinking. I remembered that one day Tony and I were hiking one of our trails and noticed a small new trail had been cut as an offshoot of the main trail. We decided to follow it and ended up on a road with a water tank. So I went online to Google maps and found the offshoot trail and the road with the water tank. I figured I could walk up that road and sneak onto the trail. Unfortunately, that road appears to be a private road that goes closely by several rich people's homes. No doubt they would call the cops on me with my backpack and all.

So I panned the map around and found another road with a trail I have never seen before that leads to a trail that I recognize. Another secret trail sparing the rich from having to drive to the trailhead! This one isn't as close to the rich people's houses. I think I could sneak by quickly before anyone saw me.

So my route may change. I may spend a little more time winding around the front country trails of Santa Barbara in order to get my hike started. I'm not going to let the paranoid moneyed people prevent me from taking a walk in my public forest.

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