Monday, March 02, 2009

I built a chimney stove

Well, it took me two tries, but I managed to make a chimney stove just like the one on Zen Stoves. I think mine came out a little shorter. On the first try, I put the top part on before I punched the holes. Oops.

I filled my pot and put it on the pot stand and put the wind screen around it. It boiled water and seemed to be capable of holding enough fuel to boil enough water for noodles.

It's lighter than the other one I made and it smelled a bit like raspberry candy as it burned. That is because of the Red Bull that was in it. I poured that nasty stuff down the drain rather than drink it.

My stove cost me $5.25 to make since I used two Red Bull cans and bought them from a gas station. I had hoped someone at work drank Red Bull and I could fish some cans from the recycling. No luck.

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