Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Prelimiary Itinerary from Santa Barbara to the PCT

I've plotted a very rough estimate of my itinerary for the leg of my journey to the PCT. If I am lucky and can do the miles I have plotted, I should take about 8 days to reach Hikertown. If I leave on May 25 I will arrive in Hikertown the same day that I did last year.

Here are my planned daily mileages. I will probably not stop at exactly these places. It was just a rough guide to figure out how long it will take.

Camp Daily Miles
Blue Canyon 8
(Trail miles–does not count miles from my door to trailhead.)
Matillija Creek 14
Beaver CG Sespe Creek 16
Sespe Hot Springs 20
Intersection Buck Creek 20
Cienega CG 19
On the PCT!
(22 miles from Cienega CG to Hikertown)

That's 8 days minimum to my first resupply. These mileages may be way off and the trails may be too difficult to achieve these mileages. I will have to bring a lot of food. Fortunately it will be the start of my journey and I won't be as hungry at first.

By being able to arrive at the PCT on the same day I did last year, I know if continue onward doing all the miles I already did plus the ones I skipped, I will fall behind of where I was last year by about a week.

I have been considering taking the CREST bus from Mojave to Lone Pine. This will reduce my journey by 11 days. Another option is to see if there is a bus I could take from South Lake Tahoe to Quincy. This would cut off about 8 days of my journey. It may not be enough days to cut off to make any difference in arriving in Canada in time for the season, but it could help.

Reasons to skip ahead:
Getting to Sonora Pass at the same time as last year when the flowers were absolutely perfect
Insurance toward reaching Canada before winter
Skipping parts of the desert I did not like

Reasons not to skip:
Having a pure hike
Making friends
Enjoying the desert

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